5 star

Includes all items listed under Powertrain coverage plus those items listed below. Also includes 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Rental car benefits.

  • Trip Interruption Benefits

5 star

5 star
all internally lubricated parts pinion bearings wheel bearings side carrier bearings side gears
drive shaft(s) locking hubs ring & pinion spider gears & case universal joints
cv joints
cylinder head gaskets intake manifold gaskets are covered for coolant leaks all other seals & gaskets are covered only when replacement is required in conjunction with a covered component repair
all internally lubricated parts bearings transfer case bushings chains
gears sleeves sprockets
all internally lubricated parts pistons piston rings wrist pins crankshaft
connecting rods camshaft hydraulic lifters solid lifters valve seats & guides
valve springs & retainers oil pump push rods rocker arms rocker shafts & bushings
intake valves cylinder heads exhaust valves intake manifold timing chain
serpentine belt tensioner flywheel / flexplate harmonic balancer exhaust manifolds exhaust manifold gaskets
oil pressure sending unit engine mounts
oxygen sensor (O2) mass air flow sensor (MAF) manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP) camshaft position sensor
crankshaft position sensor throttle position sensor engine air intake sensor barometric air pressure sensor knock sensor
coolant temperature sensor coolant level senor coolant level sensor fuel injection sensor vehicle speed sensor
all internally lubricated parts shift fork spacers synchronizer drums synchronizers
bearing & bushings gears & shafts overdrive housing torque converter lock up converter
bearings bushings & bands friction & steel clutch plates steel drums pump
servo unit valve body & plate governor dipstick filler tube
transmission cooler transmission mounts solenoids switches vacuum modulator
compressor & clutch clutch bearing pulley accumulator receiver / dryer
condenser evaporator orifice tube expansion valve poa valve
evacuation & recharge with a covered A/C component repair
primary electric fuel pump steel lines & fittings fuel injection metering valve pressure regulator
fuel gauge sending unite fuel tank
water pump electric cooling fan motor fan & fan clutch thermostat radiator, heater core
coolant recovery container heater blower motor & resistor heater control valve
power steering pump rack & pinion high pressure lines idler arms & bushings pitman arm
tie rods tie rods ends & sleeves steering knuckles
coil springs leaf springs upper & lower ball joints control arms, shafts/ bushings front & rear sway bars and bushings
air suspension compressor spindles strut bars & bushings
master cylinder front & rear wheel cylinders calipers steel brake lines & fittings abs speed sensors
abs control module vacuum power assist booster
starter motor starter solenoid alternator voltage regulator front windshield wiper moto
power seat motors power sunroof motors power antenna motor powertrain control module power trunk actuator
power lift gate actuator sliding door actuator power trunk pull down motor neutral safety switch rear window washer pump
turn signal switch headlamp switch headlamp dimmer switch wiper module & delay switch cruise control switch
brake lamp switch electronic ignition module ignition coil / coil pack rear windshield wiper motor front windshield washer pump
power window switches power door lock switches
fluids & filters are covered only when required inconjunction with a covered component repair.
hood struts & hinges hatch struts & hinges trunk struts & hinges door hinges
We are fully insured by an A15 rated insurance company
Coverage for vehicles with mileage
up to 225 000 miles
Over $5.0 million in paid


We have a lot of satisfied customers. Average feedback rating on Google 4.4 out of more than 450+ reviews
4 ,4 reviews: 450+
Joseph Rosa agent Subaru WRX

We have worked with numerous warranty companies and NVP is by far one of the best out there. The website is very easy to use and the warranties give you a lot of bang for your buck. Diane is always there for you when needed. John is on top of it as well. They cover and pay as expected with no hassle. I highly recommend them.

Mix Zhima agent Lada Granta RS

Diane is always there for you when needed. John is on top of it as well. They cover and pay as expected with no hassle. I highly recommend them. We have worked with numerous warranty companies and NVP is by far one of the best out there. The website is very easy to use and the warranties give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Laguna Niguel Agent

We have had a great experience with both Juan Carlos and Denise! Both check in with our store regularly and provide outstanding customer service! Portals are easy to use, and prices cant be beat! Highly recommend this company to dealers and customers alike!

5 star

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1. When does coverage begin?

Coverage begins on the day your Agreement is received with payment and accepted by NVP Direct LLC . Based on the time and mileage plan terms you select, coverage time is “added-on” from the date of purchase and coverage miles are “added-on” to your existing odometer miles as of the date of purchase. When comparing vehicle protection plans, be aware that some provider’s plans delay the start of coverage by 30 days and 1,000 miles. Additionally, some provider’s plans do not add the plan’s mileage term to vehicle’s current odometer miles. That means that the mileage term is partially used up because the coverage began back at zero odometer miles. These plans may be asking you to pay for coverage on mileage that has already occurred in the past.

2. When does coverage expire?

The expiration of coverage is determined from the date you purchase your Service Contract. Your coverage time and coverage miles are “added on” from the date and existing odometer miles at the time of Plan purchase. For example, if your vehicle has 42,000 odometer miles on March 16, 2010 when you purchase a 6 year / 60,000 mile Plan, the Plan will expire 6 years later on March 16, 2016 or 60,000 miles later at 102,000 odometer miles, whichever occurs first.

3. What makes NVP Warranty Plans different from other vehicle repair contracts?

In addition to covering most all of your vehicle’s components except those listed in Exclusions, NVP Warranty Plans also cover wear and tear of covered components for the length of your plan (if you selected and paid for the Wear and Tear surcharge on the application page). Most vehicles are eligible up to 20 model years of age with current odometer mileage between 1000 and 175,000 miles – even if they are outside of the original factory warranty. NVP Warranty will authorize covered repairs at more than 5,000 repair centers in the U.S. and Canada. You may also choose any licensed repair facility, unlike many competitors’ contracts.

4. Are parts and labor covered?

Yes, all parts and labor are included for a covered claim. In addition, diagnostics, fluids, seals and gaskets are included for a covered claim (4 and 5 STAR only).*